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Carlo Bernabei, a passionate enthusiast of the tourism industry in Italy, has turned his passion into his profession. With a career spanning several years in the tourism sector, Carlo has amassed extensive experience in promoting and showcasing the beauty and cultural richness of his homeland. His dedication to tourism doesn't stop there; as a side venture, he has ventured into the thrilling world of high fashion, crafting "made in Italy" haute couture garments. His creativity and love for art translate into unique pieces that capture the elegance and spirit of Italy. With a team that shares his passion and vision, Carlo Bernabei stands out for his ability to connect Italian cultural heritage with fashion, creating a bridge between tradition and innovation. Known for his dedication and commitment in both the tourism and fashion sectors, Carlo is an eclectic personality who never ceases to surprise and inspire. Discover more about him and his extraordinary creations in the realms of Italian tourism and fashion.

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